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With over 35 years experience in a young, dynamic team, combining the energy to continue our activities, available to meet the demands from home and abroad.


1 piece 18 element spectrometer OBLF brand
1 Piece Hardness Tester
Sand tester
Microstructure Inspection Equipment
Carbon Silica Test Equipment
Temperature Measuring Device
Magnetic Particle Testing


Processing Plant

380 mm CNC Horizontal Lathe
360 mm CNC Horizontal Lathe
450 mm CNC Horizontal Lathe
400 mm CNC Horizontal Lathe
800 mm, CNC Vertical Lathe
350x450x630 CNC vertical machining center
400x350x560 double-tracked CNC vertical machining center
500x500x750 CNC vertical machining center
3 pcs universal milling machine
2 units of radial drill
1 x universal lathe
1 x IDA 3 Coordinate Tester
1 washing machine parts


1 x 1 ton / hour Inductotherm induction hob
2 x 1.5 tons / hour Inductotherm induction hob
FBO in sizes 508x610 mm automatic molding line 3 SINTO Unrated
600x900 mm sized hydraulic pneumatic semi-automatic molding line
800x550x300 mm dimensions of the second set molding machine
1 set molding machine 800x700x400 mm dimensions
2 x 20 tons / hour capacity, fully automatic sand preparation system
1 x 10 tons / hour capacity mixer Omega continue
2 x 6 ton / hour capacity reclamation unit
1 piece cold box core machine with a capacity of 40 liters
Shell core machine with a capacity of 1 x 15 liters
1 piece 1850x2300x3150 mm dimensions annealing oven
3 pcs sanding machine
1 piece painting line

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